Different needs at work each require different demands of space and versatility as anticipated here. Above the limits of a conventional solution, discover the variety of layouts Global Offices System is capable of providing.

Reflect your identity with our variable sized stackable tiles in a variety of finishes like clear glass, striped glass, frosted glass, fabric, plain metal and MFC wood laminate.

The flexibility of our office system allows you to utilize the various components in the range in the manner best serves your individual needs.

We make our own structure that is the key to our excellence. Most of the companies are tied to the standard lengths and sizes of parts making their systems less flexible.



  • We manufacture parts in our own factory.
  • Our systems are totally flexible to your layout.
  • We don't follow standard sizes, you can choose among the variety of colors, sizes, and shapes that suit your layout.
  • We will highlight your preference and build according to your own taste.

No matter whatyour layout requires, our systems can assimilate to them 100%. Regardless the size, or shape we can provide solutions that are custom-made to your requirements, all you have to do is choose.