Global Offices System Partitions use frames such as aluminum alloy, glass and decorative plate instead of the traditional walls and light steel keel. It has the advantage of good transmission and decoration, small usage of space, easy handling re-usability, low-carbon and environmental protection, and so on.


It is widely used in mid/high class office building and public. As a leading brand of office space systems, Global Offices System is dedicated to create a comfortable and practical work and living space for global users with its leading industrial design, technical crafts and professional service system.



Based on our cutting-edge workstationstechnology and flexibility, our demountable partitions also share the same custom-ready features and versatility that can adapt to your specific needs.




    The demands of flexibility and functions of partitions are gradually increasing for big open places such as exhibition halls, multifunction rooms, conference rooms, hotels, shopping malls, etc. Multifunctional movable partitions become the ideal building materials.

    Global Offices System movable partitions achieve delicate appearance, convenient operation and stable quality.


The structural and node design of a single glass partition allows maintaining the highest light transmission creating a bright and elegant office environment.

Global Offices System glass partitions has a complete line management system, solving the wiring difficulties effectively.


    Global Offices System cubicles integrate all the hardware into the profile, providing uniform and clean look; various board thicknesses can be used. The clever design makes it possible to use one set of hardware in the door opening, inside or outside.


Global Offices System supply a range of Calcium Silicate based board systems to meet specific needs of the construction industry, which facilitate unique or difficult situations. Some benefits can include walls up to 4-hour fire rated and 12 meter high.


    Global Offices System produces a complete range of fully demountable and partition systems meeting the needs of healthcare environments, incorporating contemporary design and advanced functionality.

    We develop healthcare partition systems for primary and secondary healthcare environments, from treatment rooms, through to A&E, wards and high specification areas such as operating theaters and isolation units.


The wall protects the environment from noise and unwanted presence during single or group work in elegant and comfort system.

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